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We’re so excited to be able to welcome you to our website. Although we’ve enjoyed hummingbirds
for years, it’s a passion that’s grown with time as we’ve become more familiar with them.  As you look
through our site, we hope you will see our genuine love for “God’s Amazing Little Creatures” and 
for their great Creator!

These little guys are so fascinating!   We’ve grown from one feeder to several. The more feeders, the harder it is for one “bully” to chase away all the other little guys stopping for a drink of their beloved nectar.  

We have realized that hummingbirds seem to be as curious about us as we are of them.  They quickly join us when we go outside.   We used to look forward to dusk, because they would “swarm” just before dark.   Well, as time went by, we began to see dozens of hummingbirds coming any time of day!  We feel so blessed to be able to see these little treasures any time we look out our back door.   If there is daylight, there are hummingbirds.  

Now we are used to seeing literally dozens at a time. They are at the feeders, hovering around them and buzzing back and forth between the trees and the feeders in the yard. We never take it for granted and find ourselves constantly in awe of the beauty we see daily.  

We’ve often marveled at what an amazing blessing we have.  We call it our “Hummingbird Avery”.  And we realize what a privilege it is. We would get so excited when we saw an occasional hummingbird before. Now they are always around!  

But how can we keep such beauty to ourselves!? God has blessed us with His amazing creation!   Only He could create such beauty in such a perfect design.   I find it hard to step outside without having my camera in hand. One of my biggest joys in life is to spend time with my little birdies, snapping pictures of them.   They don’t sit still much, so I am so excited when I manage to get a nice sharp one of them.  

I’ve learned to distinguish the various hummingbirds that live in our area and enjoy photographing each one.  Do you have a favorite?   It’s so hard.   I love them all.   But I do get so excited when I see a Costa’s.  They are the beautiful ones with a purplish, periwinkle color on their head. They seem to be the rarest around here and they are shy.   These little guys are smart!  The shy ones know to hide on the back side of the feeder.   They don’t usually stay around long either, but I love catching a glimpse and if I can snap a picture or two, it makes my photography session so worth it!  

When people see my pictures, they are surprised to see the variety of colors.   It’s rare to be able to actually see those colors clearly as they zip past you in nature.   The timing and lighting have to be just right to see the quick flash of brilliant colors they possess.  

I’ve always said I’m going to do “something” with my little birds.   I didn’t know what, but I enjoyed taking their pictures as I kept the thought in the back of my mind.   I’m so happy to be able to share these little guys with you through this website.  If you love hummingbirds too, please take some time to look through our “Photo Galleries”. You can see dozens of photos showcasing their colors and beauty. 

If you would like to share these little jewels with others, please stop into our “Store” where you will find a growing collection of “Greeting Cards” and “Postcards”. These are all designed around my original photography.  

Please stop by again, as we will be adding photos and cards regularly. Please take a moment to sign our “Guestbook” and leave us any comments you would like. We’d love to hear from you. If you’ve enjoyed visiting, please share this website with a friend or "Like" us on Facebook.

Thanks so much!
Paulina V. Kucij

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